an Annual Cycle of Transformation

………..Welcome to SWAN, where we’re dedicated to driving long-term global change. Our approach centers on empowering organizations to create nourishing environments that foster transformative cultures, enabling everyone to thrive while advancing a vision of global benefit. At SWAN, we specialize in guiding organizations and leaders to cultivate safe, diverse, and sustainable internal structures and cultures. We’re committed to fostering a global culture of inclusivity and sustainability grounded in healthy practices. We leverage our strategic insights and experience to help individuals, teams, and organizations align with their core values and goals. Our journey begins with recognizing the need for transformation and then uniting to establish a supportive environment where we can collectively evolve and execute the changes necessary for success. Together, we pave the way for stakeholders to fully engage with their organization’s mission and vision.

SWAN’s Theory of Change

………..At SWAN, we advocate for long-term global change by emphasizing the importance of organizations establishing systems and policies that foster nourishing environments. These environments should promote transformative cultures where all individuals can thrive together while remaining aligned with their vision and mission of creating a world that benefits everyone. Our theory of change focuses on supporting and guiding organizations and their leaders in cultivating internal structures and organizational cultures that are safe, diverse, balanced, harmonious, and sustainable. We believe cultivating a global culture of inclusive and sustainable organizations grounded in healthy internal practices is essential.


………..SWAN leverages our strategic insights and extensive experience to assist individuals, teams, and organizations align themselves with the qualities, culture, values, and goals most important to them. The initial phase of this journey involves acknowledging the necessity for transformation. Subsequently, we collaborate to establish a secure and nurturing environment. Together, we identify the attributes we must adopt to mutually support one another, enabling us to progressively develop and execute the transformation required to cultivate a culture conducive to the flourishing of our stakeholders. This allows them to engage fully with the organization’s vision and mission.

Our Guiding Principles

Strategy + Wisdom, Aligned + Normalized

Our Values

Gratitude Vulnerability Leading Communication Equity Belonging Honor (Respect + Appreciation) Joy Community Vision Sustainability Culture

Our Theory of Change, Guiding Principles and Values Lead the Way for Our Programs and Strategies.

We agree we need transformation.

We come together to create a safe and nourishing environment.

We decide what we need to embrace and become to support each other.

We develop and implement the transformation through time.