This is the first in a series of posts that will explore the guiding principles of Strong Women Action Network. The values of the organization evolved as we talked to hundreds of women who are struggling to figure out how to move forward with their personal and professional lives. We live in a society where racism, sexism, economic inequality, misogyny and sexual harassment are part of daily life.  At the end of the day, there is not much time to focus on ourselves and the actions we need to do to achieve our personal goals. If you add the pressures of family, friends, work and making ends meet, actions turn into things we do just to survive.

At Strong Women Action Network action is not for everyone else, it is for you – women, with a focus on women of color, of all ages, economic and cultural backgrounds.  We believe women are strong. Inside all of us, we have the answers. It is the noise, fear, struggles, and the constant needs of those who are important to us that keep us from discovering who we are and what we are capable of doing.

We want to achieve a diverse and inclusive society that supports women’s leadership styles and women’s impact on society. Where do you want to be in five or ten years? Do you want to run a business? Do you want to be a scientist? Do you want to run for office? Do you want to take care of your parents? Do you want to be an artist? What position of power are you yearning for, deep in your heart, that will increase the influence and impact of women in our culture and society? What do you need to move into action for yourself? Together we will create environments that will help you identify your priorities, make a plan, access the resources you need, connect with others in your geographical area and participate in the public and private arena in a way that is meaningful for you.

Join our network here and you will not be alone anymore! For more information on how we can help you click here.