In 2014 I attended a training in Ashland, Oregon. The participants were what is termed “emerging leaders”, young people between the ages of 18 and 30. I was included because I am a Board member of The Launching Pad, which is a key partner of these sessions. The name of the conference is The Odyssey. This conference has continued every year and the fourth one is this year in September. It will be the first intergenerational conference.

The conference is based on Social Artistry™, and sponsored by the Jean Houston Foundation.

Social Artistry™ is a new model for leadership that is building leadership capacities for change all over the world. It is at work at all levels of leadership, across cultures and continents, in developed and least developed countries, inspiring and moving people to deepen their individual capacities to create a world that works for everyone. We invite you to join us in contributing to lasting, positive change in our world now and for generations to come … At the Odyssey, you will begin to move beyond the limited perceptions and behavioral patterns that haunt many of us our whole lives. You will break through the closed, static thinking brought on by daily routines, overbearing social structures, and perceived isolation from the world and from others. You will step truly into the fullness of your human experience, tapping into all of your senses and potentials. You will learn to use Social Artistry™ tools to create, build, and actualize your dreams while forming a supportive community that supports integration and connection.”

This conference made a huge impact on me and ignited the process that resulted in the creation of Strong Women Action Network. It includes Story Bridge, a process, steeped in the tradition of theater as sacred community healing, that has helped transform communities around the world. Story Bridge taps the power of two ancient human technologies: the reality-forging power of story, and the re-patterning power of performance. As Dr. Richard Owen Geer, co-author of Story Bridge: From Alienation to Community Action, says “People know they carry vital energies for the planet. But they don’t know exactly what their gifts are, or how to bring them to the world. Of course, I can’t tell them. No one can. Yet we can discover together.”

I feel a tipping point in global awareness and connection is approaching. That is the reason Strong Women Action Network was created. Women will be the catalysts for this change, all of us no matter our age. The organizers of the Odyssey know we are connected on multiple levels, including age, gender, race, economic status, and geography. They understand everyone has a role in creating the possible society. So this year, I will be attending the 2018 Odyssey to recharge, create and continue to build my leadership capacities to change my world. I will attend not as a Board member of a sponsoring organization, but as a member of the leadership team.

You too can open your life to endless possibilities. Come join me on the journey to create a global society that supports integration and connection.

As Jean Houston says “Friends, these are the times. We are the people.” At the Social Artistry 2018 Odyssey, you will get the tools to build your leadership capacity and have a deeper impact on our society. You will also understand why intergenerational, the art of relating to, involving, or affecting several generations, is crucial to the future of our society and planet.