When I think about respect, the song that comes to my mind is “Respect” by Aretha Franklin. When I heard this song the first time, it resonated with me because as a young girl, it seemed to me that respect for others was required of me, but no one told me I deserved respect too.



There are many articles on respect in the workplace, why is respect important, the importance of respect in relationships, and family.  All of them are relevant to SWAN’s work because we are connected at many levels and transforming our society requires an increased awareness of how we treat each other in different parts of our lives. How we are treated also has an effect on our behaviors.

Respect, no matter the situation, is composed of three levels: self-respect, respect for other people and other people’s respect for you. I want to focus on self-respect, which is where our power as women is centered. No matter what happened in the past, what you where taught,  expectations from others, the fears you have, the skills and knowledge you think you lack – all of this is in your mind. We all make mistakes and if we have self-respect we learn from them and build a better life. This is not easy and we need coaching, networks, training, resources and mentoring. But the first step is to achieve self-respect and own your power – to actualize who you really are, deep inside.



From April 19 to 22 I will attend my 3rd SisterSpirit Retreat in Upper Lake, California. The 2018 theme is “Rise Up and Reclaim Our Power”. We spoke the words below out loud during last year’s retreat to proclaim how powerful we are and how much we respect each other and ourselves. I am sharing them with you so you repeat them often and experience the powerful feeling of self-respect.

“I call back my power completely

from anyone or any circumstance

that I have given away to,

in the past or present, willingly or unwillingly,

consciously or unconsciously.

The one who says I can or can’t is me.

I call back in my power in all its glory and energy now.”

I will be reflecting on power and respect while I recharge my batteries, learn new things, connect with amazing women and get ready for the rest of this year.

Join SWAN and learn how to enhance and achieve respect for all the amazing things you do every day. Happy spring!