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Thriving & Aligned

a 3-week Webinar

From Hustle to Harmony:

Mastering the Stages of Alignment for Individuals, Teams, and Organizations

This 3-week Webinar will be held over
3 Thursdays
Oct 31st, Nov 7th & Nov 14th

You will want to be sure you can attend all 3 days!

2:00pm - 3:30pm (Pacific)

4:00pm - 5:30pm (Central)

3:00pm - 4:30pm (Mountain)

5:00pm - 6:30pm (Eastern)

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Are you ready to escape burnout culture?

This 3-week webinar event is for anyone looking to make a shift in their life from the “grind” and “hustle,” “burnout” culture to a more sustainable and healthy culture and lifestyle of alignment and balance.

This event will help you understand the difference between working with purpose, agreement, and ownership vs. working in an environment where you are always busy but need to be more engaged in cohesive and productive work that collectively achieves the organization’s goals clearly and purposefully.


Together we will look into the necessary steps to achieve organizational alignment, how to develop ownership, and discuss steps to implement them in your personal lifestyle and your organization.

In this webinar series you will have the opportunity to:

Understand the three stages of alignment for – self, a team, and an organizational.

Engage in interactive exercises, understand the three stages of organizational alignment, and practice with other participants what you learn in each session.

Explore the long-term benefits alignment brings to the success and productivity of your organization.

Bring back to your organization the benefits of alignment: better strategy, efficient decision-making, increased performance, enhanced organizational culture, and more employee engagement.

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Say "goodbye" to "the grind"!

You deserve to Align and Thrive!

Live as the example of the change you wish to see in the world. Give yourself the gift of transforming from Hustle to Harmony as you master the Stages of Alignment for yourself, your teams and your organizations today.