Universal Hour of Peace – The Fuji Declaration

On December 31st, 2017 at 4:00 am Pacific Time I participated in the Universal Hour of Peace. Check here for a sister  Universal Peace Covenant.  It was a powerful experience for me. This meditation for peace was part of the Launching Pad’s Eight Annual New Year’s Meditation Retreat in Ashland, Oregon. The meditation culminates with participants laying a lighted tea candle on the location on a world map laying in the middle of a circle where they wish for peace.

I lighted two candles. The first one I placed on the location of Washington, DC. This is where the White House and Congress reside. All of the United States is represented there by its Senators and Representatives. My wish is peace, calmness, and compassion as we move into 2018. The second candle was for the whole world so I placed it at the top of the map. I wished for peace and welcome to all immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers.

I felt a huge wave of emotion when I placed these candles on the world map. My candles were surrounded by the candles placed by the rest of the participants in the retreat. I embraced my sadness and grief for our political system and the fear that drives decisions that affect so many people around the world.  I opened my heart to the pain, toxicity, hostility, and dysfunction around the world. I projected back peace, goodwill, calmness and inclusion for all living things on the planet and in the universe.



To welcome 2018 and to embrace Strong Women Action Network’s hope for inclusion and action for women all over the world, I want to share with you the Fuji Declaration.  It is an international alliance of individuals and organizations who are united by a commitment to live and collaborate toward the advancement of a more harmonious and flourishing world. The mission of the Fuji Declaration is to ignite the full potential of the human spirit in service to humanity and the web of life. By co-evolving with one another and with nature through a network of constructive and coherent relationships, we further the emergence of a more peaceful and sustainable world.

The Fuji Declaration is an invitation to people from all nations and walks of life to join in a commonality of purpose beyond borders. And most of all, The Fuji Declaration is a call to consciously evolve with each other and with nature to bring that new world into being.

 As individuals responsible for the future of life on Earth, we hereby declare …
  • We affirm the Light of Consciousness Within All Beings
  • We Commit to Creating Lasting Peace on Earth
  • We Intend to Live and Act on Behalf of all Life
  • We Will Free the Human Spirit for Deep Creativity
  • It is our Mission to Advance a Harmonious Human Civilization

Please join me and the team at Strong Women Action Network in making 2018 a year of inclusion, welcome, action, growth, connection, and celebration for women leaders and their supporters and allies.