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Wisdom In Action

Customized Group Coaching

SWAN’s customized Group Coaching series is for leaders ready to move forward with their personal and professional goals. This transformative experience can help you to clarify your vision, purpose, and priorities while learning new self-care strategies to support creativity, balance, and stress relief. Be inspired by other diverse leaders and create a small support network to elevate your skills and knowledge. Join SWAN's Group Coaching today!

Applied Strategic Leadership

Board Development 101

This webinar series serves as the cornerstone for staff and board members' comprehension of effective participation in a Board of Directors. Whether you are guiding a board or are a new or seasoned member facing challenges, this series is tailored for you. With an emphasis on the roles and duties of the Board of Directors, our format encourages meaningful conversations with fellow board members and staff involved with boards. You'll evaluate the effectiveness of your board, gain insights as a new member, and enhance your understanding of supporting a Board of Directors.

Lifting & Solidifying Organizational Culture

Thriving and Aligned

In this webinar series you will have the opportunity to:

Understand the three stages of alignment for – self, a team, and an organizational.

Engage in interactive exercises, understand the three stages of organizational alignment, and practice with other participants what you learn in each session.

Explore the long-term benefits alignment brings to the success and productivity of your organization.

Bring back to your organization the benefits of alignment: better strategy, efficient decision-making, increased performance, enhanced organizational culture, and more employee engagement.